Please Understand

If some of my posts come off gloomy, melancholic, believe it’s only because I’m reflecting on my past, which as you all know, can be a very hard thing to do. Sure I still have my defective days, whom of us doesn’t, it’s all part of the human condition (regretfully.) Remember that part in the matrix when Agent Smith tells Morpheus that they tried to create a perfect world for humans to “live” in but our minds rejected it and entire “crops” were lost because we are creatures that prefer suffering?

But I’m not that man anymore. I’m actually very bullish about the future and excited to take on new endeavors and see how far this brain can take me from this cage in which I sit this very minute. I once heard that great innovators, entrepreneurs and free thinkers suffer from a form of insanity because they don’t know that a thing can’t be done. Well consider me insane because I plan on changing the world. I don’t like how I came to be here and there is not a day that goes by that I wouldn’t do all I could to take it all back but wishing doesn’t change my reality. I’m here and I have to make the best of it.

So understand something. It’s on us to make a change. Nothing is impossible and every day is another chance to turn it all around. Let’s work. Kirk out.


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