I love visits with my son and family. They are a reminder of how much bigger this world really is and how much love there is to give (endless). I stay in a concrete box with steel doors, a dayroom devoid of color and a “yard” you can joy across in fifteen seconds. In here […]

My relationship with women

I am not sure where I went wrong in my relationships with women. Growing up, I had some remarkable relationships with different girls and apart from my cousins, they were some of the best-friends I’ve ever had. One girl in particular never gave up on me and would always be there to help pick me […]

I knew the day would come

My son is starting to ask questions. Questions like “why does daddy have to work so much?” For now, his mother is telling him it’s so she won’t have to work as much and so she can spend more time with him. But how long will that excuse hold up? IN my visit with him […]

Dark Places

I was caught. Surrounded by a group of girls, accusing me of having sex with one of their friends, as my girlfriend stood nearby, crying. I was relentless in my resistance to the inescapable reality of my predicament and complete dishonest in my defense. Nothing I could do but quote an old song by Shaggy, […]


Reflection is the beginning of reform. There can be no reform without reflection. If you don’t reflect when you commit a crime, then that crime is of no use. It might just as well been committed by someone else. – Mark Twain